Answers to frequently asked questions about APCS Membership all in one place!

Who can be an APCS Member? 
Any individual who has an interest in the custody transfer of Crude Oils, Petroleum Products, Gases, and Bunker Fuels. Members may include (but not limited to) Cargo Surveyors, Cargo Inspectors, Commodity Oil Traders, Loss Control Specialists, Cargo Superintendents, Oil Company Representatives, Ship and or Barge Owners, etc.

What is an APCS Membership Fee? 
It is a fee which you pay to allow you full access to the APCS website and facilities.

What is the duration of an APCS Membership?
2 years. Twenty four months (renewable).

How do I renew my APCS Membership? 
We will contact you prior to your membership expiry date or you may opt for automatic renewal.

How do I change my login password? 
You may change your login password at any time. Simply login to APCS using your current user name and password.  Go to and click on the  'My Account' tab and then click on 'Account Details'.  Here you may change your password.  Don't forget to Save Changes!

How can I pay for my APCS Membership? 
Paypal is the easiest way to make payments online. Whilst checking out your Membership registration you will be redirected to the PayPal website.
After a successful payment you will receive an automatic payment advice and be redirected back to the APCS website.

What other methods of payment are available? 
We accept most major credit or debit cards (Visa/Mastercard, etc). Just follow the Paypal link and you will be given the option to pay by card.

Can I pay by Paypal without a Paypal account? 
Yes you can!
Without a Paypal account, all you need is a Credit or Debit card that is supported by Paypal. Whether you have a Paypal account or not, Paypal is one of the easiest and secure ways to make on-line payments.

Can I pay using my Credit or Debit card? 
Yes, of course. Just follow the Paypal link and you will be given the option to pay by card.

Why did my payment fail? 
If a payment is declined, you'll see an error message. If your subscription auto-renews, you'll also get an email notifying you that your payment was declined.
In most cases, credit card declines can be fixed by re-entering your billing information (be sure to double check that you entered the card info correctly).
If re-entering your billing information doesn't solve the problem, try these additional steps: 
- Use a different card 
- Use PayPal instead 
- Call your bank or credit card company
Your bank or credit card company may have blocked the charge. You can lift the block by calling your bank and letting them know that you're attempting a legitimate charge.

Do you accept cheques or bank transfers? 
We are sorry but we can only accept payments using PayPal or your credit or debit card.

Do you have a return and refund policy? 
Yes, we do. You can find it here Return & Refund Policy.

What are APCS Membership benefits? 
As an APCS member you have full access to all the features on our website, including the popular Forum, Monthly Knowledge Base articles, look for your next job, and to take meaningful exams to become an APCS qualified Petroleum Cargo Surveyor. As an APCS Member you may put "Member of APCS" on your business cards and your business stationery.

What is the APCS Forum? 
The Forum is your opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns with your job or your working environment. It is the place to meet up with Petroleum Cargo Surveyors, Loss Control specialist, Superintendents, etc., around the globe.

What is the Knowledge Base?
Here we publish interesting or technical articles that have been submitted to APCS by a number of approved authors. Articles are archived on the APCS website in date order or you may search a topic.
Why not become an APCS approved author and submit your own topics of interest? Send your details to email: contact@myapcs.com

Who can take an APCS Exam? 
Only APCS Members may take exams. You should have a minimum of one year of practical inspection experience and be conversant with the relevant industry standards and procedures.

Why are exam questions in English? 
The English language is the common, and internationally accepted, language for the oil and maritime industry. In their job surveyors are expected to be able to converse with terminal staff and foreign ship's crews. It is, therefore, part of an APCS qualification that a Petroleum Cargo Surveyor has a good understanding of the English language.

What units of measurement are used in the APCS Exams? 
Mostly we use both metric and US units. It is important that surveyors have a clear understanding of all units that may be used in the industry.

What is an APCS Qualified Petroleum Cargo Surveyor? 
To become APCS qualified you must take, and pass, one of the APCS exams.

What is the pass level for an APCS Exam? 
You need to achieve a minimum of 80% correct answers.

What happens when I pass an APCS Exam? 
First, you will receive our congratulations. You will also receive, by post, your qualification certificate. Your name and qualification details will be listed on our website. You may also purchase an APCS badge, for your exam category, in the APCS on-line shop.

Can I take more than one APCS Exam? 
Yes, you can. You can take as many as you wish and for each you will receive your certificate and be listed on our website.
You may also purchase the relevant APCS badge, from the APCS on-line shop, to show that you are qualified.

What happens if I fail an APCS Exam? 
You will be notified immediately by email detailing your level of correct answers and a list of the questions that have been answered incorrectly.

When can I retake an APCS Exam? 
At any time. Just go to the on-line Exam Portal.

If I retake an APCS Exam will I get the same questions? 
Normally no, although some questions may be the same or similar. Questions for exams are taken at random from a Question Bank.

Are there any trick questions in an APCS Exam? 
No, all questions are designed to test your knowledge of the industry standards, procedures, and best practice.

What is the duration of my APCS Qualification? 
APCS qualifications have a duration of four years, as noted on your diploma. You may renew your qualification by applying for the same category exam on the APCS website.

How will I receive my APCS qualification certificate? 
By post to the address given at Membership Registration. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

What if I lose my APCS qualification certificate or it is destroyed? 
Simply purchase a replacement/duplicate certificate in the APCS on-line shop.

Where can I get an APCS qualification badge? 
Go to the APCS on-line shop and purchase your badge.
You may only purchase badges for the category of exam in which you have passed.

How does APCS ship shop orders?
Certificates are sent by post. All other items are dispatched by the most cost effective method.

How much is the delivery on shop items?
Unless advised otherwise, we use a flat rate delivery charge of $5 (or equivalent in EUR or GBP).

How does APCS handle Viruses and Malicious threats? 
Malicious software files are generally not activated unless you open them. For this reason, just as with files from any other source, we recommend that you follow good security practices, including: 
- Running anti-virus software
- Exercising due caution when running unknown files from other computers

Is APCS safe to use? 
At APCS, the security of your data is our highest priority. We have a dedicated team using the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain APCS, and you can rest assured that we've implemented multiple levels of security to protect and back up your files.
APCS will NOT pass on any of your confidential details to, or sell to, any third party - other than the list of Qualified Surveyors or any advertised Jobs on our website.