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UPDATE: Improve accuracy – or lose your job!

UPDATE: Improve accuracy – or lose your job!

Following our article “Improve Accuracy – or lose your job!” ThermoProbe Inc., have introduced a new updated model of the TP7.

Mr Remco Vellema of Hartwig Instruments, Rotterdam writes:

“After more then a decade of the trusted TP7 series there is a new follow up model!
The TP7-D rugged instrument body is constructed from stainless steel and static-dissipative plastic components. The TP7-D spool-reel design allows the user to quickly deploy and retrieve the sensor probe into various products”.

For the most curious people who are in “need” for new gadgets Hartwig Instruments will offer the 7D with a special introduction price.

Contact Hartwig Instruments at their website.

TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer
TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer (Reverse side)